Monday, June 1, 2009

Benjamin Update

Hi All - Benjamin graduated from Junior Kindergarten and he is on his way to Kindergarten in the fall! He just lost his first tooth last weekend so he is on his way to growing up. I wanted to send a picture of his missing tooth, because for one Grandma Barbara requested it, and for another, it reminds me of the kids in the new movie 'UP' from Pixar. I just took Ben on Saturday, and he didn't even understand most of it. He liked the adventure part, but missed a lot of the emotional story. I cried through the beginning of that movie. OK, I teared up several times all the way through that whole movie. It was really heart warming, funny and endearing to all of us 'Scouters', but I have to warn you to bring a tissue.

Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Sue, at his Graduation. Ben is doing great in his reading and swimming lessons. He has really come a long way this year. He is just starting to focus, but then he has this little stubborn streak that must come from dad. He loves the outdoors, and he is taking an interest in Basketball, and Baseball. He likes exploring the forest, and is always busy messing up the house doing something.....
Talk to you soon! Heather

Science Fair 2009

Keana and Lauren with their Science Project. They wanted to know if it would take more air pressure to make a ping pong ball float if the balls were heavier. It was called Terminal Air Velocity.

Edson did his project on a Faraday Cage. He wondered if a Faraday Cage would block a radio signal, but it actually enhanced it. The only time it was blocked is when it was wrapped in tin foil. Edson got Second Place for his project and was one of only five 6th graders participating.

Jim was the Mad Scientist this year for the Ridgewood Elementary Science Fair. He also volunteered to build the pop bottle rocket launcher. He hooked this up to his air compressor. This contraption could launch 4 rockets at a time, but it got him very wet! They both made an egg drop and bottle rocket this year which did great. Edson graduates to Middle School on June 19th! Jim did such a great job, that they handed over the Science Fair Chairman duties to us for next year. Yeahhhh!!!!!?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Easter 2009 in Port Townsend, WA

Hi Everyone - We had a nice but very wet Easter this year. The sun came out for a few days but we are back to rain now.
I am getting ready to go to a big family reunion tomorrow. It is very exciting to meet relatives we've never seen before. My Grandma Holmes had 9 brothers and sisters so we have lots of people to meet. 142 people are coming to Jesup, Georgia. I have been busy on and my new Family Tree Maker program. Talk to you soon! Heather

Spring Break

Hi There - On Spring Break we moved Edson into his own room which was the guest room. He is very happy to have his own space, and seems to be enjoying the peace and quiet without Ben in the room. We also painted Lauren and Ben's room so they had their own updated rooms. Lauren decided to change from pink to blue. Ben likes camping so we went with tan. We had lots of fun, and their rooms look much better.
Talk to you later - Heather

Friday, January 2, 2009

Smith Christmas Recap 2008

Hi There! I thought I'd post a few pictures from our Christmas. We drove over to Phil and Sandy Smith's on Christmas Eve after it snowed all day at our house. I was a bit nervous, but the roads weren’t icy so off we went.
Edson was very happy with Halo 3 and X-Box Live. Santa brought Rock Band World Tour that has the Guitar Hero, Drums, and sing along microphone. Jim and Ben like to play the drums. Edson and Lauren like guitar. I have actually played a few times and it is really fun!

The kids got some huge Cat and Dog books from Wes, Libby, and Rusty Smith in Arizona.

Here is Ben who got his new quilt from Aunt Betty and Uncle Keith. He really loves it and we are lucky to have it this winter!

We had a big breakfast, and then I decided to start baking. I got a new apron so off we went to make cookies… We made gingerbread cookies with lots of sprinkles!

The big hit was a flying chicken that makes chicken noises. After all was said and done, why is it that the bubble rap, boxes and silly toys win out every year?????

Happy New Year!!
The Smith Family

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi There!

We had a chance to go to sunny CA for Thanksgiving this year! Of course it rained for 2 days but we had lots of fun seeing all of the family. Here are the cousins at In N Out which everyone enjoyed. The cousins played and had a great time! From back to front there is: Ben, Sam, Paul, Tom, Kevin, Kira, Edson & Lauren.

We had a wonderful Thanksgving dinner as usual at my parents house in Baldwin Park. Ben got to play with Diego and they had LOTS of fun. Diego is Jim's nephew who lives in Riverside. The time passed very quickly and we were back in Washington again. Now for Christmas....

Monday, November 3, 2008

Hi There - We had a great Halloween this year. The weather has been perfect this month. Lots of sun which makes the leaves really stand out. There was no rain or servere cold this Halloween so we really lucked out. Here is a picture of the kids.

Edson was, well I'm not real sure. He is on the edge of being too old for Halloween so this is what I got him to wear. He had to wear his glasses on the outside of his mask which was interesting. He went around with a few friends by themselves (and a cell phone) which made them feel very old.

Ben is a lion, and he really got into the swing of things this year. Jim and I really had to keep up with him and his 4 1/2 year old friend, Jake.

Lauren is a cowgirl who misplaced her hat. The whole look was based on the hat, but oh well. She had a great time trick or treating with her friend Katie. We went to a local development that had lots of houses close together, and a very safe area. Jim proceeded to buy all of Lauren's candy for $20 after she got her select pieces. He bought Ben's for $10, and Edson would not sell. He's one of those kids that still has candy left around Easter. He doesn't eat it, but wants it around just because. Sound familiar Dad????

My Birthday was on Nov. 1st, and I just relaxed with Pete on my lap. He is starting to get some meat on his bones which is good. I read a book and got my hair cut. All in all a relaxing weekend. I did forget to change my clock back an hour so the kids and I were early for church for a change. Laugh it up.