Monday, June 1, 2009

Science Fair 2009

Keana and Lauren with their Science Project. They wanted to know if it would take more air pressure to make a ping pong ball float if the balls were heavier. It was called Terminal Air Velocity.

Edson did his project on a Faraday Cage. He wondered if a Faraday Cage would block a radio signal, but it actually enhanced it. The only time it was blocked is when it was wrapped in tin foil. Edson got Second Place for his project and was one of only five 6th graders participating.

Jim was the Mad Scientist this year for the Ridgewood Elementary Science Fair. He also volunteered to build the pop bottle rocket launcher. He hooked this up to his air compressor. This contraption could launch 4 rockets at a time, but it got him very wet! They both made an egg drop and bottle rocket this year which did great. Edson graduates to Middle School on June 19th! Jim did such a great job, that they handed over the Science Fair Chairman duties to us for next year. Yeahhhh!!!!!?

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