Monday, June 1, 2009

Benjamin Update

Hi All - Benjamin graduated from Junior Kindergarten and he is on his way to Kindergarten in the fall! He just lost his first tooth last weekend so he is on his way to growing up. I wanted to send a picture of his missing tooth, because for one Grandma Barbara requested it, and for another, it reminds me of the kids in the new movie 'UP' from Pixar. I just took Ben on Saturday, and he didn't even understand most of it. He liked the adventure part, but missed a lot of the emotional story. I cried through the beginning of that movie. OK, I teared up several times all the way through that whole movie. It was really heart warming, funny and endearing to all of us 'Scouters', but I have to warn you to bring a tissue.

Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Sue, at his Graduation. Ben is doing great in his reading and swimming lessons. He has really come a long way this year. He is just starting to focus, but then he has this little stubborn streak that must come from dad. He loves the outdoors, and he is taking an interest in Basketball, and Baseball. He likes exploring the forest, and is always busy messing up the house doing something.....
Talk to you soon! Heather

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