Monday, November 3, 2008

Hi There - We had a great Halloween this year. The weather has been perfect this month. Lots of sun which makes the leaves really stand out. There was no rain or servere cold this Halloween so we really lucked out. Here is a picture of the kids.

Edson was, well I'm not real sure. He is on the edge of being too old for Halloween so this is what I got him to wear. He had to wear his glasses on the outside of his mask which was interesting. He went around with a few friends by themselves (and a cell phone) which made them feel very old.

Ben is a lion, and he really got into the swing of things this year. Jim and I really had to keep up with him and his 4 1/2 year old friend, Jake.

Lauren is a cowgirl who misplaced her hat. The whole look was based on the hat, but oh well. She had a great time trick or treating with her friend Katie. We went to a local development that had lots of houses close together, and a very safe area. Jim proceeded to buy all of Lauren's candy for $20 after she got her select pieces. He bought Ben's for $10, and Edson would not sell. He's one of those kids that still has candy left around Easter. He doesn't eat it, but wants it around just because. Sound familiar Dad????

My Birthday was on Nov. 1st, and I just relaxed with Pete on my lap. He is starting to get some meat on his bones which is good. I read a book and got my hair cut. All in all a relaxing weekend. I did forget to change my clock back an hour so the kids and I were early for church for a change. Laugh it up.

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