Friday, January 2, 2009

Smith Christmas Recap 2008

Hi There! I thought I'd post a few pictures from our Christmas. We drove over to Phil and Sandy Smith's on Christmas Eve after it snowed all day at our house. I was a bit nervous, but the roads weren’t icy so off we went.
Edson was very happy with Halo 3 and X-Box Live. Santa brought Rock Band World Tour that has the Guitar Hero, Drums, and sing along microphone. Jim and Ben like to play the drums. Edson and Lauren like guitar. I have actually played a few times and it is really fun!

The kids got some huge Cat and Dog books from Wes, Libby, and Rusty Smith in Arizona.

Here is Ben who got his new quilt from Aunt Betty and Uncle Keith. He really loves it and we are lucky to have it this winter!

We had a big breakfast, and then I decided to start baking. I got a new apron so off we went to make cookies… We made gingerbread cookies with lots of sprinkles!

The big hit was a flying chicken that makes chicken noises. After all was said and done, why is it that the bubble rap, boxes and silly toys win out every year?????

Happy New Year!!
The Smith Family

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