Monday, October 27, 2008

Hello Family and Friends

Jim set me up with my very own blog. I hope to keep you updated on some family things and happenings up here in Seattle. I miss all the family in California so much and hope to visit soon. Due to outrageous airfare during the holidays, it looks like I will wait until June to drive out with the kids for the next visit to LA.

Here is some news. For my Birthday, I got a little kitten. I named him Pete since he reminds me of DeeAnne's feisty cat. He is a stray and came to us a few days ago very hungry and cold. He hissed pretty good at the beginning, but now realizes it is a lot warmer in a house, and has plenty of food and water available. We now have Shanna, an aging dog, Pete here, and Lauren's kitten, Snowball that she got for her birthday in June.
Well, I hope to share our big summer vacation next time - so until then I'll sign off.


ImHappynBP said...

Pass 2 after establishing another account on Google

ImHappynBP said...

I'll bounce this to Grandma in the morning. She'll love it. I'll have to show her how to get a Google account so she can post replies.
Hey, it's getting hard to type in thise "security words" they are getting too fancy by half.